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About Us

Integrated Packaging Systems, Inc. (“IPS”) is a consulting firm specializing in packaging line design, layout, and project management, with a concentration on the food industry. We offer considerable equipment knowledge and line automation expertise, from finished product through all aspects of production distribution, primary package filling, accumulation, line control, secondary/tertiary packaging, and palletizing into finished goods storage.

When we encounter projects which involve further activities upstream, we routinely team-up with Process Specialists, Inc. (“PSI”); a non-binding strategic alliance with expertise from raw receiving through finished product and utilities (particularly refrigeration, HVAC and energy recovery).

We have collaborated and worked closely with a number of clients and their respective boards on acquisitions, divestitures, consolidations, site due diligence, and expandable Greenfield plant designs for phased implementation. This includes identifying and rationalizing projects, prioritizing site improvements, finding solutions which support yearly plans for capital expenditure, and developing a master plan linked to corporate business plans.


The following are “types” of food projects we have successfully executed: 

  • Specific Automation (modermization) Studies  
  • Technology Transfer (from seemingly non-applicable industries)
  • Intellectual Property Development & Patent Support
  • Utility Systems Optimization & Related Support
  • Production Systems Definition & Development
  • Production Line Layout, Design & Expansion
  • Project Management
  • Master Planning (linked to business plan)
  • Company Cost Improvement Initiatives
  • Plant Site Consolidations
  • Acquisitions & Divestitures
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