Audits & Quick Studies

Depending on economic conditions and/or internally constrained budgets, our ability to perform audits and quick studies may be of particular interest. With measurable gains in production efficiency and throughput a result, initial audits and quick studies have opened the door for SKU rationalization, line consolidation and line enhancement type projects.

Our approach is to get in-and-out like a pit crew; mobilize on-site, ask questions, interact effectively, seek out pertinent data, make notable observations and determine assumptions. We feel our ability to quickly investigate avenues, communicate findings for operational feedback and validity, make recommendations, and suggest next steps, is very effective and maximizes our bang-for-buck to the client. Summarizing these finding in the form of a report helps to further sell a potential initiative internally, especially when preliminary layouts of the affected areas, a corresponding cost estimate, and time line for execution are included.

Knowing that many capital budgets are constrained and appropriation requests are more financially scrutinized, audits and quick studies tend to cultivate and ultimately draw attention to favorable ROI projects that may otherwise be undervalued or overlooked.

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